Who We Are...

Established in 2016, as the Society of Emotional Intelligence UK, which was part of the Society of Emotional Intelligence International's Family Tree, which is based in Florida, USA.  We have now evolved into the formalised Society of Emotional Intelligence Internatonal UK & Europe, which is the only society situated 'across the pond' outside of the USA.  It is our aim to engage, collaborate and upskill others who want to learn more about the practices and principles of Emotional Intelligence, through training, seminars or our conferences.

Our Goal is to...
Enable, Empower and Motivate our members and, other interested parties in understanding the practices and principles of Emotional Intelligence (EI); enabling them to understand what Emotional Intelligence is and, how they can synergise these practices and principles into their every day lives, whether it's by way of sharing of ideas, knowledge, skills and/or expertise; through interactive programmes, seminars and workshops.
Our Annual International Conference is a wonderful platform that brings together thought leaders and subject matter experts from a broad range of disciplines that include but, not limited to the private and public sector organisations and communities; they have a wealth of specialisms and willingness to share this with all, around a vast range of subject matters such as conflict resolution, stress management, engaging and formulating staff networks, mediation coaching, equality, diversity and inclusion, coaching, as well as mentoring and leadership.

Our Vision is to...

Realise an emotionally intelligent world

Our Mission is to...

To help individuals Learn the principles of Emotional Intelligence (EI); Practice in our personal, professional and civic relationships to help equip and; Inspire others along their own EI journey
The Society of Emotional Intelligence International UK & Europe, actively encourages mutual knowledge sharing and learning from its members and embraces, the broad range of their diversity on an equitable and inclusive platform.  
If you or your organisation are interested in joining drop us a line... We would love to hear from you.
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Partners & Collaborations

Emotional Intelligence is in Everything We Do!

Do you want your organisation to be more involved in Emotional Intelligence?  

Why not become a Partner or Collaborator and Sporsor SoEI Internatoinal UK & Europe's Events...

Partner and Collaborators consist of groups or organisations that provide financial or in-kind support to an organisation, event or activity through the provision of donations, products or services. They share common missions, interests, values, and messages–thereby achieving together what could never be accomplished separately.

To become a Partner, your organisation must submit a request for partnership to the Society of Emotional Intelligence International UK & Europe. The request should outline your organisation’s mission, vision, goals, and reasons for wishing to partner with us. All requests will be reviewed and approved organisations will be notified.



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