Emotional Intelligence is in Everything We Do!


How Emotional & Cultural Intelligence is paving the way in the NHS... Barts Health, BHAIS making a difference

"They may forget your name,

but they will never forget how you made them feel." 

Maya Angelou~

What Does it Take to Invest in Yourself?

Investment begins with YOU!


From the day you were born there has been consistent and regular investments being made on your behalf. 

Revisiting the Road Less Travelled... Learning to Let Go, Forgive and Move On 

"“Forgive yourself for the blindness that put you in the paths of those who betrayed you. Sometimes a good heart doesn’t see the bad...”  

~ Lessons Learned in Life ~

What's the LEGACY you leave behind?

"Legacy is not what's left tomorrow when you're gone. It's what you give, create, impact and contribute today while you're here that then happens to live on."

~Rasheed Ogunlaru~

Visualising Your Wings...

"It doesn't matter if you start on the rocks or the rooftops. Spread your wings and let them take you to new heights." 

~ Sue Krebs ~

Emotional Intelligence: Do you know the four basic components?

When I first learned about emotional intelligence, it was a niche subject predominantly compartmentalised within specialist or clinical areas such as psychology, psychotherapy and the like. And if you didn’t have an ‘ology’, you had no real business to be broaching into its territory!

Top Tips on Being More #EISavvy

If you are tuned out of your own emotions,
you will be poor at reading them in other people. 
~ Daniel Goleman ~

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